Facebook is grouping posts and causing reach to go even more down - Publishers punished one more time

Facebook is grouping posts and causing reach to go even more down - Publishers punished one more time

For page managers, you probably remember last July was a nightmare as Facebook decided to promote higher in the newsfeed stories from friends and family, then videos and last links. Also they introduced for the first time the grouping of posts. We were seeing posts from a page we like not based on published time or engagement but one post with many stories. Eg newsone has posted 10 updates.

This practice is causing more issues to post reach and does not seem to take into consideration the engagement a user may have/had with a page. Facebook algorithm decides what you will see if you have not selected to see all posts as a priority from a page. There was a comeback from this aftter July but the big hit came with Trump election and the notorious fight against fake news. From November most of the publishers have seen an unprecenteted drop in their post destribution that gets worster as we go. It seems summer is the period that facebook decides to make all big changes.

During the year we have seen unstoppable changes in the newsfeed, leaving no room for hopes to publishers. As you may have experience, whenever a big change is made in the newsfeed you see random posts from pages that you may never interact and a huge drop in traffic and engagement. Its not clear why everytime facebook is making changes in their newsfeed, your wall gets a bit unregulated and you see random posts.

Regardless how big fan base you make have it seems its irrelevant when facebook decides to make changes. Its impossible to maintain your numbers if you are depended from facebook only. The risk is too high. Publishers have spend and continue to spend vast amounts of money in order to build their audience but the return on their investment doesnt seem to pay off.

Nowadays in order to get some traffic from facebook, you need to have a fast site, original content, no low quality ads, to not post something that doesnt meets their terms, and thousand more parameters that you need to take into consideration. And more and more are coming every week/month.

In case you have any issue, you dont get any warning or support and you will need to pray that any issue was a bot mistake or another kind of mistake (fake reports, bot attacks. algo changes etc). The game is becoming extremely difficult and facebook does not seem to take into consideration one of their biggest assets which is trustworthy publishers that keep users in facebook, inform them and many more.

This summer is again a nightmare, with many changes that hope will not zero all efforts and investement from publishers. Also many users gets frustrated as they lose important updates from pages they love. In many cases their wall its a total mess with posts that in most cases are either irrelevant or not interesting in most cases.

Facebook needs to decide if they will become a video network, a social platform or something else. With so much content, different content types that get different prioritazation over the newsfeed its so difficult for users and publishers to keep up and at the end it seems that all those changes cause damage and frustation to everyone. We all lose.

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